ideal wedding

When I meet with potential clients, one of the first questions I ask is, "What are the most important elements for your dream wedding?" This gives me some insight into what kind of couple they are & what they're looking for with regards to my services. That said, I've composed my own list for what I would consider an ideal Desiree Dawn Event:



I adore backyard weddings & waterfront venues. Florida is gorgeous, so I love showing off this fact by hosting a portion (if not all) of the celebration outdoors. A stunning scenery can easily transport your guests & create a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Covered porches, beautiful lawns, string lights & sunset views...done!

Photography & Videography

I work very closely with several photographers; all have a unique eye & a talent for capturing not only special moments, but also the meaningful details that you've carefully planned. I love clean & bright images that show off color & emotion. These artists will be right next to you the entire day, so make sure you get along with them!


I'm a sucker for great live music and yard games. Getting the party started right away is important to me; I try to make it very clear that this is a joyful celebration! An excellent entertainer will get your guests on the dance floor & keep them there, all night, which brings me to my next point...

Happy Hour(s)

Who said we only get one hour for pre-reception small bites, delicious drinks, & mingling? More-so, who said the guests of honor don't get to enjoy this most awesome of hours? I'm all for extended cocktail hours with open seating & lounge areas, endless passed hors d’oeuvres, & signature sips created just for the newlyweds. You won't have to leave the dance floor to sit at your assigned table and you're guaranteed to make memories!