Floridian Weddings ReLaunch Party

I'm so incredibly proud of this party. And of the success of FW. And of my uberly talented partner-in-crime, Laura. Seriously, this event felt like the marriage of all of our favorite things: string lights, great booze and food, incredible live music, plus fabulous company. I wish I could relive this night over and over!
Check out the recap of all the goodness!

Floridian-Relaunch-Party-Vitalic-Photo-01 Floridian-Relaunch-Party-Vitalic-Photo-3a Floridian-Relaunch-Party-Vitalic-Photo-22 Floridian-Relaunch-Party-Vitalic-Photo-25


  1. I must say, it definitely looks like somebody had a good thyme with that cocktail!

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